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In order to recognize Jessica Kuleshov, you could have looked for a girl with a bag of Hershey's Kisses, a Pikachu or squid hat, NOT BLONDE hair, holding a duct tape egg of equality and peace, probably alone somewhere, looking for friends. Nomored out of Lancaster in 16.2. Hopes to see people at Splash. Yup, and that's pretty much it. :)
Just kidding! The site/sessions that I am, will, and have been going to are:
11.2: Writing Workshop-Images and Text
12.2-Introduction to Robotics (IROBC)
13.2-Beginning Ancient Greek
14.2-Utopias and Dystopias (TOPI.A)
16.2-Astrophysics (ASTROB) (I LAMBDA YOU ALL)
Hope to see all of y'all places. Y'all are beautiful. Stop looking at my page and go on your merry way, now. :)


you are my sister. ~love tape~ -User:Camohat