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I am a forevermore, and between 2007 and 2009, CTY was my life. I made some of my closest friends, people I intend to keep contact with for the rest of my life. CTY made a huge mark on me, and I like to think I made a small contribution to its history.

My name is Lizzy, as is indicated by my username. I grew up in Colorado, but looked to the west and found myself at LMU. I think that the things I would be best known for include wearing nothing but pink to every 2009 dance, glowstringing, cubing, and generally acting ridiculous with a group of PCTYDers in matching shirts. We were proud, we were obnoxious, and we were gloriously young.

I attended:

  • LOS 07.1 LOGC (Dana's Hall, Desmond)
  • LOS 08.1 MIND (Nathalie's Hall, Huesman)
  • LOS 09.1 LAWP (Jacqui's Hall, Desmond)
  • LOS 09.2 ETHC (Gia's Hall, Desmond)

I was the top poster on PCTYD from 2008 or so until the present, and was an admin. While I was there, I opened a CafePress store selling PCTYD branded items, and started and edited Forevermore, the PCTYD Web Magazine.

At CTY, I considered myself a traditionalist. I advocated for the preservation of most canon songs, and tried to add some traditions from other sites. My friends and I also tried to start a few traditions, such as glorifying Dane Holding and singing Bananaphone loudly in groups in an effort to disturb the peace. We played Blammo, Wanna Buy a Duck, and many games of Silent Football.

When I first visited this page, my CTY roommate Emma posted the following. I leave it up for posterity:

I AM EVIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!