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Userpage? Userpage... hum...okay!

I am Rachel, CTY LAN first-sessioner from '06 through '09. There were a handful of other Rachels in '08, but if you know me you know which one I am: there is only one Rachelmonster (I think...) because only one Rachel is Elena's FAVORITE PERSON EVER.

CTY Positions:
Stripper 09.1 [if you found this page by googling me, please understand that I am not, nor have I ever been, an actual stripper, and that being the CTY LAN Stripper should not be taken as any kind of measurement of my moral fiber. If you are the sort of person who is going to think less of a person for being a stripper, though, I'm not sure I care much for you anyway]
Queen 08.1
Stuffsmith 07.1 (this is not an actual position, but nonetheless it was a title I held)
Octopus-half 08.1 and 09.1

CULT 09.1
ETYM 08.1
CODE 07.1
HDIS 06.1
BSEN 05.1 (babyCTY Chestertown)
EXAM 04.1 (babyCTY Chestertown)
Inventions 02.1 (?)(Ultra-baby CTY)
Under The Microscope 01.1 (Ultra-baby CTY)

Other things of note:
Religious GLOW attendee (as Willow once said, "I think I'm kinda gay." Only I don't think it. I know it.)
Owner of brightly colored fishnets
Even crazier than most CTYers and Alcovians
"Too Cute for Penance" - this is how I rarely lose Silent Football, though I follow the rules equally rarely.

What else is important? I don't necessarily automatically love you all equally. But chances are I find you interesting, if not likeable, if not lovable, if not beloved.