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Rachel Hall

Rachel Leigh Hall attended CTY Carlisle Session 2 in oh-five, oh-six, oh-seven, and oh-eight. During that time, she took Crafting the Essay A, Intro to Biomed (B, maybe?), Philosophy of Mind B, and Ethics. They were fabulous. She also attended Princeton first session in oh-nine, where she took Global Politics: Human Rights and Justice C. It was also wonderful. Rachel has, in her possession, a watermelon, two yellow, a lime green, a light blue, and two black lanyards. During the Summer of 2011, a year in which Rachel should have been working as an RA (but for some reason she didn't apply), Rachel contributed to the creation of The CTYer's Guide to CAR.2, a project spearheaded by Ross Rheingans, Fish Stark, and Kyj Ddkjflkdsjflk (sorry, Kyj, I don't know your last name).

In General

I have a tendency to go by the name 'Rae', though my fellow Carlislians know me as Rachel. Or Goldfish. Or the Mad Hatter. Or Pookie. Princeton kids may know me as Rachel, The Queen of Creep, Satan's Mistress, or The Patron Goddess of Icing. I'm a member of the Cult of Godzilla, and various other nicknames may be found on said page. I am also a member of Banana and the Oval Table Mafia, as of 2009.

The Insanity

I'm rather odd (ODD!) and the words "wonky" (yes, Rae does like bunnies) and "delirium" (yay for redundancy on the bunnies issue) seem to have been made for me. There is as much to know about me from what I don't say as there is from what I choose to say. Most of the stuff I say is mindless babble (see the Starcrash article for an example), so when I'm not saying something, there's a very good chance that it's important.

Rae also has a tendency to switch into the third person, wherein Rae will always refer to Rae's self as "Rae" and never "Rachel" as "Rachel" is far too long for Rae to say. Rae also dislikes heinous pronouns. Rae has an odd (ODD) obsession with parenthetical phrases and italics (look around your world pretty baby) as well as the wonderful Canon-filled world Rae lives in.

Rae is currently majoring in poorly-worded relationship advice with a minor in instant gratification and self-indulgence.

Rae fears failure, and being alone or forgotten. and bears.

Rae would like people to stop being cannibals and eating others of Rae's kind, however Rae is aware that this will never happen due to the cheesiness and yumminess of the Snack that Smiles Back.

Rae feels she has given sufficient insight into Rae's personality.


Crafting the Essay A (ohfive.2)

In 2005 (her sperm year), Rachel took Crafting the Essay/Writing A. Her instructor was Chris and her TA was Julie. People seem to not believe her that Julie was a TA. She was. She ate souls. On a scale of 1-5, Writing A was a 5, for several reasons. The small class size (7; 3 girls and 4 boys) meant a much more personal learning experience, the combination of instructor and TA was incredibly productive and well-done.

Introduction to the Biomedical Sciences (ohsix.2)

2006 brought about the advent of Biomed. There are not many nice things to be said about Biomed. The curriculum was repetitive, the students were cliqueish, and the instructor was FAIL. The instructor for this section of Biomed was Shashi, and the TA was Christine. Christine was awesome, but Shashi was really suckish, and her reviews reflected it. A scale of 1-5: 2.

Philosophy of the Mind B (ohseven.2)

2007 was awesome in terms of classes. Rachel and Reggie began crafting the clever scheme to take the same class in ohsix, and over the course of the following year, the plan had evolved so that Reggie, Tigg, Danny, Tory, Bess, Sharon, Olivia, and Crystal would all take it. The instructor was Brad Majors, who, ironically, had never seen Rocky Horror, and who also hated small children. The TA was Laura Specker, who was made of awesome. Interesting subject matter, and a good, albeit a bit strict, instructor. 4.

Ethics (oheight.2)

2008, the nomore year, notably, was wonderful in terms of classes. Easily Rachel's favorite, though she was at least a year older than everyone else in the class. Great group of kids. Instructor, Mark, was fantastic and nice and incredibly knowledgable. Carly, the TA, was also made of awesome. Brilliant subject matter, great instructor, great kids. 5.

Global Politics and Human Rights (ohnine.1)

2009 was an unexpectedly wonderful class. The class focused on recent human rights issues in the world, and the various factors that determine a government's reaction to human rights violations. This class was insane, but filled with wonderful kids. Rachel loved every single one of them. Mr. Pozniak was an excellent instructor, once he actually stopped giving us small-group assignments and taught us. Kehan was a fantastic TA, even though she didn't like hugs. 4.5.

Halls and Notable Events

Lynn (2005)

Sperm year, I was on Lynn's hall. Lynn was great, but I got (and retained) the feeling that she didn't like me very much.

Notable notes:

  • Roommate-- Jane (-)
  • Met best friends (Reggie and Tigg) (+)
  • Slightly stalked kid from class who remains a good friend (+)
  • Became part of the Traggle (+)

Rachel (2006)

Rachel was a decent RA who just happened to show up at the wrong time. The newly-imposed rules on what we could say, do, and stand in front of managed to piss everyone off, and her review suffered for it. She was not back the next year.

Notable Notes:

  • Roommate: Tigg (+)
  • Became closer to Ella, Marxi, Susan, Ippy (+)
  • Met Danny, Mike, Brian, Martín, ToriGee, Audrey, Crystal (+)
  • Dated Reggie (+)
  • Spent a lot of time hanging out with Kaitlyn (-)
  • Became distant from lots of awesome people (-)

EmJay (2007)

Emily (EmJay) was pretty much the coolest person ever from the second I met her. She has galoshes. She played Hey Juliet by LMNT and cared about pretty much everyone.

Notable Notes:

  • Roommate: Miriam (+)
  • Officially joined the Cult (+)
  • Met Tory, Bess, Sharon, Olivia, Paul, and lots, lots more (+)
  • Drama with Reggie (-)
  • Watched Tigg, Bess, Tory, Ippy, and many more leave (-)

Leah (2008)

Leah was awesome. In 2008, my entire hall was also in my class. With the exception of one person, our hall was pretty close/awesome. Leah may or may not have been dating Clay.

Notable Notes:

  • Roommate: Amanda (+)
  • Met the BAMFs (Ethics kids) (+)
  • Relative lack of drama (+)
  • Met Ross, Rachel, Darien, Michelle, Emily, and so many more (+)
  • Distanced a bit from Kumquat and Helen (-)
  • Spent a lot of the session missing people who weren't there (-)
  • Cried a lot (-)
  • Nomore year (+/- (The jury is still out))

Brynn (2009)

Brynn was a fantastic person. Our hall was fantastic, and nice and small, so we were all pretty close. The rules at Princeton were slightly insane, but it was still a wonderful session.

Notable notes:

  • Roommates (plural): Megan and Christiana
  • Met the Bananas and the Mafia (+++++)
  • Small amount of drama (-)
  • Lots of rules (-)
  • Awesome dorms (+)
  • Nowhere near enough sleep (-)
  • Passionfruit Emperor #1 (++++)

Likes and Dislikes

Rae Likes:

  • CTY
  • HUB Potatoes
  • Carlisle
  • Goldfish
  • Music (specifically Canon and The Beatles)
  • Asa
  • One Card Milard
  • Princeton
  • Bright colors
  • Mislabeled food products

Rae Dislikes:

People Rae Can't Live Without

And probably more...

Princeton Passionfruit Speech

"When I first thought about coming to Princeton for CTY this year, I was a little skeptical. I'd spent four years on the same campus with the same people, laughing at the same inside jokes. And then I got here, and...well, honestly, it was pretty much what I feared. I didn't really see anyone I considered REAL CTYers, and it upset me. But the thing is...I was wrong. There ARE real CTYers here, and not just the kids right next to me. So many of you guys ARE real CTYers. Maybe not as insane, but that's okay. So...

  • To Real CTYers.
  • To being up all night at laughing at things that really shouldn't be funny.
  • To my hall.
  • To Brynn.
  • To BANANA, Little Cabin in the Woods, Center for Thank You, "working" in the library, and waffles.
  • To random dance parties.
  • To grass.
  • To bears and zombies.
  • To Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays.
  • To being force fed.
  • To never being quite a nomore or a nevermore.
  • To not saying goodbye.
  • To life, to love, to CTY.

I love CTY and I love the Passionfruit." --7/17/09