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Rachel is not cool enough to have a page written by someone else, but she is weird enough to write in the third person. Okay, maybe not. I attended baby CTY for one year, in Chestertown, PA. I have no idea what session, because I was very CTY illiterate at the time. It was definitely 2003, though. I took The Elements of Drama with a creepy guy named Jeff. He wore cut off shorts and Melissa Ethridge T-shirts. Any classmates out there? I remember a kid named Eric with a freakishly long pinky nail.

At CTY Carlisle I took: Cognitive Psychology, 05.2 Latin, 06.2 Dissent, 07.1

I have been known mostly for my incredible mass of "fun" hair at all but the last session, when I straightened it for some ridiculous reason. I may have given up my chance at eternal CTY fame.

Age could have given me another year, but I got into Bard College at Simons Rock and decided that squeezing an extra 3,000 out of mom and dad this year would be too cruel.

Any other CTYers going this year? Already there? Graduated? Please find me on facebook (the south jersey rachel feltman) or AIM (Rachelbachelboo)