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hi!! i'm ingrid, and i'm the car 20.2 emperor! feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions/just wanna chat on instagram at @ingridzlotea_ or @20.2monarchy, or email :)


car 17.2 crypto with my dads chris and dante (livvy's hall)

car 18.2 electrical engineering with joshy (rip) + the three consecutive instructors that replaced him + lin TAing (amy's hall)

car 19.2 existentialism with karl (the loml!) and cody (....cody gomeeez) (arely's hall)

car 20.2 hopefully ethics! with karl: the squeakuel

who i am/things i'm known for

snorted old bay with isaac uy and got yelled at by three separate ras (19.2)

the amorphous green blob from hotel transylvania + carlisle's resident romanian kid (19.2)

one of the founding members of the gender neutral outdoor dorm w ra gaynor and sage eanet (19.2)

jebediah "thick" thomson, the wvu mountaineer (19.2)

drank a straight cup of orange snow cone syrup at big sat (18.2 + 19.2)

bought a jake paul poster at walmart, put it on my door, and got my hall to check in w him every single day (im sorry amy) (18.2)

bought out the devil's den entire flaming hot cheetos stock and ate them all in 3 days (18.2)

stuffed a rocket with goldfish, launched it, and proceeded to eat a concerning amount of them (18.2)

started oversharing circles during meet market on kw field/upper quad (17.2)

wore a flower crown every single day of the session (17.2)

gallon challenge proponent (17.2)

i love cty and i love the passionfruit