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It's chaboi, Logan. A big friendly gay nerd, come talk to me sometime! Inventor of the Frolicking Hedgewolf, Alcovian, music, movie, and book nerd. Caught cabbage induced mono. I've got a lot of stories, come find me if you see me around! I'm duct tape dress for 18.2.

Accomplishments: Duct Tape Dress! Punched a jerk at CTY and got congratulated by an RA, Threw a frisbee over the construction fence, Hit a squirrel with a frisbee, Ate the cronch and got hella sick

Baby CTY: CTY LMU 15.2 -Examining the Evidence (Exam B)

IS: CTY LAN 16.2 -Fiction and Poetry (INCW) CTY LAN 17.2 -Utopias and Dystopias (TOPI) CTY LAN 18.2 -Cognitive Psychology (COGPSYCH) (Duct Tape Dress)

NOTE: There is a high probability that I will be unable to attend CTY this coming year, due to personal matters. If this occurs, I will either send or bring the dress in session to my sucessor, who will determine who receives the dress for 19.2. I will also be mailing in my passionfruit speech under these circumstances.

if you know me you can email me at