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Baby CTY

Chestertown 06.1, Nicole's Hall, Inductive and Deductive Reasoning

Normal CTY

Carlisle 07.1, Courtney's Hall, Etymologies

    Devirginized at Passionfruit singing and performing the chicken dance together with best friend, Elyse Lee
    known to some as SPG (side ponytail girl)

Hopkins 08.1, Meagan G's Hall, Individually Paced Math Sequence: Algebra 2 and Pre-calculus

    helped to organize dragday with her bestfriend Marlena Stablein.
    attended the first ever Hopkins Passionfruit (although it was nevermores only)
    known to some as Mrs. Bunns because of her characteristic hair style.

Carlisle 09.1, Allison's Hall, Ethics

    Witnessed the day the music died/d-day/epidemic fail day. 
    Roomate = Connie Zhou
    Best Friend = Elyse Lee
    Swine '09

Carlisle 09.2, Jenn's Hall, Music Theory

    Devirginized at the second session Passionfruit by pillow sumo-wrestling Hannah Srajer

Carlisle 10.1, Lauren L's Hall, Existentialism

    Passionfruit Empress.

Family at CTY

Riva Nathans- attended Carlisle in 2003 and 2004.