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I might be a no-more, but that does not mean that I can't love CTY


CAR 05.1 Cryptology; LOU 05.2 Astronomy

LOU 06.1 Fast Paced High School Chemistry; LOU 06.2 Math Logic

CAR 07.1 Probability and Game Theory; LAN 07.2 Advanced Chemistry

LAN 08.1 Data Structures & Algorithms; LAN 08.2 Fast-Paced High School Physics B

Of all of my CTY experiences so far, Lancaster was the best. I had so much fun getting in the glowstringing circles at the dances and having a blast. However, my best roommate was at Carlisle 07.1, because he had a laptop! And it wasn't confiscated! I've been in talent shows a lot doing the Rubik's Cube. However, there are too many people at CTY who say they are better than you at cubing, but don't do anything about it. I intend to change that next year. I wasn't as good as some of the cubers at Lancaster, but me and James were the only two who went in front of the entire community and did the Rubik's Cube for the Talent Show. My new favorite session is LAN.08.1. I thank Ev because without him, I wouldn't have had such a good time. LAN.08.2 is runner-up.

Rubix By the way, my Facebook network is Manalapan High School. GIR ROCKS! More to come...

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NEWSFLASH!!! I have decided to donate my duct-tape gauntlets to the next generation of CTYers. I'm going to send them via mail to a one-more and then have that one-more read a letter included with said gloves. In that letter, there will be a request for a position dedicated to duct tape. The one thing I will include is that I do NOT want to be honored as the original holder of the position. I want a one-more to be given that title. I won't mind if I am remembered as the maker of the gauntlets, just like the Greek god Hephaestus is remembered for his creation of most of the metalwork of the gods.

But I already donated my gauntlet to the next holder of the Fjork...yours are much cooler, though. -FJØRKËN