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Hi I'm Alex. I nevermored out in 10.1 and I went to LAN 07,2. CAR 08.1, LAN 09.1, and finally, LAN 10.1. I actually made this account for one specific reason..

Passionfruit Speech

I wanted my speech to be short and to the point. 10.1 was my favorite session, so I made a toast (or a series of toasts) to the highlights of my 10.1 session.

To family, friends, and acquaintances.

To tradition, dances, and the afterdance.

To lanyards, towels, and Frisbees.

To KIVO, the dining hall staff, and ramen.

To being awkward.

To cumquatz, xswordfishes, and audacity.

To Dennis, Alex, and Physics B.

To Second Saturday, fitting into a miniskirt, and never having to wear eyeliner again.

To They Might Be Giants, Rocky Horror, and Don McLean.

To everyone here helping to make this year the best out of my four. I love everybody in front of me right now and I know I’ll see everyone here again, some day. I love CTY, and I love the Passionfruit.