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sabine :)

i attended lan 18.2 (code), 19.1 (chem), & 19.2 (srel). if you know of me, it's probably because of the 18.2 stairway to helix petition. if you don't know of me, that's probably for the better.

i was supposed to attend prn 20.1 (spub), but that session was canceled due to the covid19 pandemic, so i guess i'm a forevermore now, unfortunately.

i'm interested in astronomy, us politics, & literature. (the last sentence sounded so pretentious! wow! but those are indeed my interests.) i was blessed enough to see mitski in concert (with my former cty roommate!) before she stopped touring, & i'll never stop thinking about that. & i'm a hufflepuff, according to some random quiz on instagram.

sending love to everyone! stay safe.