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I'm Shae. Nice to meet you. I'm older than I seem, but always young at heart.


And now I'm an RA at LAN. I've been here for two summers (and counting) and I'll probably never leave. This is an honest statement. I run GLOW, and it's the highlight of my summer. Making CTY a true safe space is something I'm adamant about as a staff member, because it wasn't always there when I was a kid. Within my four sessions, I've run 3 successful a cappella groups with RA Joe, helped to begin CTY Loves, danced to See You Again by Miley Cyrus (my secret favorite song) at too many dances, "danced real slow" with TA Stephen during American Pie, danced to Boom Boom Pow with a fearless group of RAs (and I still wish Matt had performed like he was supposed to...), and met some truly wonderful people, students and staff alike.

I've seen 31 American Pies to date, meet CTYers wherever I seem to go, and I'm known to make a strange face on occasion. As evidenced by this photo, compiled by Liz Yu, to my great shame and/or pride. [1]

I love CTY and I love the Passionfruit.