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I was your 18.2 soy:)

also 2nd in blammo 18.2 but we all know i deserved the W

Easton 16.2 (Baby CTY) - INDE B//RA Nina

Lan 17.2 - Probability and Game Theory A//RA Nimat

Lan 18.2 - INBS B//RA Kayla

I was forced to skip 19.2 and it broke my heart

Lan 20.2 - Fast-Paced High School Physics

Basically, the story with the Fruitopia is that Maddie got it but since she had to go on a plane directly following 17.2, she gave it to me for 18.2 and I kept it frozen until session. I had no clue if I was allowed to have it or not so I gave it to Annabelle, but we weren't sure if she was allowed to have it either. Someone please contact us if you know what we should do with the Fruitopia tbh Edit: we gave it to quinn:)