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I'm Bella. I enjoy interesting things, including but not limited to: Stromae, Russian literature, black and white movies, long-winded verbiage impregnated with aggravatingly outré lexemes. I do not enjoy upsetting things: disputes, Donald Trump, drab curtains adorned with roses which form deranged cow-faces with bloody "I will disembowel you avec une fenêtre"-eyes.

I really really miss CTY; it saved my life. It was the closest I got to just "being a kid."

I attended from age 7 through 12; I went to college at 13 and couldn't return. Currently it's my first CTY-less summer and I'm attempting to fill the void in my heart with canon and realCTY, in vain.

I'll be back as an RA as soon as I'm 18, I swear to God (or, in case there isn't one, on Hamilton) swear.


Be A Scientist STP.11

Reading and Writing Workshop, The Edible World SAN.12

Modern Fantasy STP.13

Bay Ecology CHS.14, RA Belle

Crystals and Polymers EST.15

Logic: Principles of Reasoning B LAN.16.1, RA Anna


Bella!!! You are probably the sweetest person I've ever met. You are a great writer and logician and never fail at anything you truly put your mind to. I miss you so much! Stay awesome. - Maggie