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Hi everyone, my name is Stephen Socolow! If you've seen me but don't know my name, you might know me as the Haiku boi, that guy that shouts "Can we watch Starcrash 2?" at the end of Starcrash, or the kid who has "Man's Not Hot" memorized.

CTY History:

2016: Carlise 16.2 (Cryptology - shoutout to Chris and Dante)

2017: Carlise 17.2 (Probability and Game Theory)

2018: Carlise 18.2 (Ethics - probably my favorite, gonna miss Karl and the whole class!)

As you can see, I am a Carlise boi. But since I'm a nevermore, I might be trying out the Princeton CTY program next year. Who knows...

Fun facts about me:

I was the purple ferret for Chris's cryptology course in 18.2

I contributed to every poetry night in 18.2, but never in 16.2 and 17.2

I have never been to Passionfruit because of my inability to get up early (so please tell me what it's like if you ever meet me!)

I have never been to mellow quad. The dances/big sat/etc are too much fun!!!

If you're one of my CTY friends who stumbles across this User Page, feel free to say hi by editing the page! (just don't delete anything)

I'll miss you next year

Your haikus were pretty great

Poetry night god.