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Hi! This is Gracie. :D I like you, I love you, I CTY you! <3 I don't really know what to put here.


  • 09.1: Crafting the Essay (CRT3)
  • 10.1: Intro to Creative Writing (INCW)
  • 11.1: Latin I (LAT1)
  • 12.1: Astrophysics (ASTR)


  • 09.1: Shae Fitzgerald's
  • 10.1: Meagan Cooney's
  • 11.1: Sarah Hackney's
  • 12.1: Megan Ledda's

Be My Friend And All That

I've found that the internet kind of a great way to make friends with awesome CTYers, so if I've never actually met you or anything while I was actually at CTY, I'd love to still be friends over the internet. <3

  • Facebook (Try to find me through mutual friends and CTY pages and groups and stuff. I shouldn't be too hard to find.)
  • Tumblr

Write Me Something!

  • Hey Gracie! It's me! Guess who: Who is crazy, walks around with duct tape on his arm, and somehow looks to others like a certain anthropomorphic sloth?

P.S.-how are you P-CTY?

    • Hi Sid (is that how you spell it?)! :D Not too great. I still miss everyone so much. :/