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Hi everyone! My name is Eli, and I was your 12.1 Son/Kind One
I was also the 12.1 Brad in Rocky Horror to Johnny Tamburro's Janet and helped lead The Circle Song (is it really called that?) for the Afterdance with Sanan "Bob" Venkatesh and Sam Cawkwell. 'Twas much fun.

I tend to like most people, so if I've met you, I definitely like you, and if I haven't (yet), then I'll probably like you too.
You are all Super Jupiters in my book <3
Love & Hugs <3

Also, I can't format, so my page will look rather plain.

Here's a brief history of my time at CTY:
CAR.CODE.A.08.1 (Quad 2, Room 109, RA Jesse Small)
(Didn't go to a site in 09 because I had back surgery in mid-June, but I did do a 5 week intensive mid-summer CTYOnline course: From Structure to Style)
LAN.COD2.A.10.1 (South Ben, Atlee 3rd, Room A-308, RA Kurt Ostrow)
LAN.THEO.A.11.1 (Schnader, North 1st, Room N-101, RA Joey DeSantis)
LAN.ASTR.12.1 (North Ben, Muhlenberg 2nd, Room A-205, RA John "The Whistle" Hollemon)

Some words of wisdom:
The time is right to make new friends
Take a deep breath and smile :)

I love CTY and I love the Passionfruit

I don't know what else to write right now, so I'll just leave this blank for now. Feel free to write me stuff in the space below though, I love getting notes <3

Write me stuff here please!

Hi Eli! You said "write me stuff here" so I'm writing stuff. Also I love you <3 -Logan