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CTY has given me the opportunity to know who I want to be. I know I'm not perfect, but that's okay, because I know that my CTY friends and family will always love me. CTY gives you the chance to shine. I have had the privlege of attending two sites, taking classes that unfortunately no longer exist.

    '09 JHU (Baltimore) for Crafting the Essay, Session 2
    '10 LAN (Lancaster) for Intro to Creative Writing, Session 2
    '11 LAN for The Critical Essay: Pop Culture

At CTY, I gained a lot. I sang, I danced, I pretended to be a unicorn. I was inspired by a boy who wore heels and a girl who glowed. I laughed and ate breakfast with champions. I met a dysfunctional family that adopted me (LAN '10) and fell in love with the traditions and outlandishness of the Alcove (LAN '11). Take your CTY experiences and never let them go.