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Hey! I'm Justine, a LANatic onemore from California.


Throughout my five years of CTY, I've been known to invent the girappo ['07], reenact Kill Bill with my hallmates Holly Seyler and Megs Hurr ['08], duct-tape Sean Lake to a door with my fellow ETYM classmates ['09], balance silverwear between my upper lip and nose ['10], have strange attractions towards blue stuffed animals ['07 & '10], duct-tape food to Sean Lake's door with my partners in crime, Alex Kohanski and Tess Harty ['10], and do other crazy shenanigans. I am also learning how to glowstring like the majority of the CTY population.

Contact me on Facebook or PCTYD [same username]

I like you, I love you, I CTY you all. <3