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Hello there, my dears. This is Alex, checking in. You may know me as: the asian kid, the artsy one, the one who loves screaming about babies, the one who pied Frank Wang, the one who used a puppet in his passionfruit speech, or any number of various things. As of Friday July 17th, 2009, I am officially a nomore. There will be no more Alcove, no more big man hugs, no more Acting Improv, no more canon, no more Passionfruit for me. But through all that, through tears and laughter, I still carry on. And no matter what, I'll always remember CTY. I'll always remember every amazing moment. I'll always remember laughter.

I love CTY. I love you all.

The Everlasting Dream

LOU.06.1.INBS RA: Kenny

LAN.07.1.FCPS RA: Dan

LAN.08.1.GAME RA: Will Colmer

LAN.09.1.PHYW RA: Joey

you're not a nomore! You're a forevermore! And I CTY you. -Zoe Madonna