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I am the Mask. If you met me, you know who I am. I have been to CTY Carlisle 13.1 and 14.1, though I did take a CTY-O course years back. I was the Imperator for both years on-site, and have since passed the title to Nico.


The job of the Imperator is simple in purpose, though often challenging in practice. The Imperator is the sentinel of the traditions, helping to ensure the safety of the students (from ballet students), and to protect the traditions. For example: if non-nevermores are in the inner circle during American Pie, the Imperator removes them. This can be challenging, as the Imperator must balance firmness and kindness. The Imperator need not be a nevermore, but s/he must know the traditions well enough to avoid infractions. The Imperator is passed down via direct choice; there is no voting. Once an Imperator, always an Imperator. If it ever becomes needed, multiple Imperators may be deputized. These deputies, sometimes called Erics or Jerries, keep their title for one session, unless revoked by the Imperator before the end.

Currently, the Imperator is exclusive to Carlisle Session 1, but this need not be the case. The Imperator also is more of a secret position, and not widely recognized. However, it has been partially legitimized by the Poetry Goddess of CAR 14.1, though it has not been canonized into official tradition yet.


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