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All capitals means I'm yelling according to Lena, but I'm just so happy to find this CTY site. (OK, well someone e-mailed it to me so I didn't exactly find it, but that's a minor detail...)

me: all caps means you're yelling right?
lena: uhh sure
lena: i mean it's not like a law or anything
lena: but it is generally assumed... in some cultures..
me: you are so going to be an archaeologist
me: meanwhile
me: you're in my text thing
lena: yaay
me: yeah you're special
me: feel the love

Anyway, I went to CTY Session 2 at Lancaster and was in the Archaeology class (SO MUCH BETTER THAN PALEOBIOLOGY!). I was a squirrel or first year or whatever you want to call it. Umm aaaaand yay I met so many cool people at CTY! (Even though they called me a ditz, and made fun of my supposed ribbon "feet-ish" and of the fact that I live so far away from them, but I still love them all.)

The Ivan
(Just edit and add stuff if you want.)

And now for a thrilling contribution from Lena:

Magical ham! That Danica is such a hottie!

Lena, Colleen, Christine and I were spelling something out so that's why I'm randomly making an E with my hand... (comment by Danica)

What can be said about The Danica that isn't already clearly portrayed in the above picture? She casually louges in a red wooden lawn chair which Colleen had already claimed. So young; so naive! She can't even imagine yet what the end of CTY will feel like, how intensely the withdrawal will addle her brain and befuddle her senses. She did not know at that point in time that within a few short days, she would be constantly losing the game [I LOSE!], singing canon and afterdance songs, thinking she's seeing CTYers in random public places, having dreams involving archaeology class [HELL YES!], and constantly being on the lookout for that elusive and divine Magical Ham!