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CTY taught me two things - that love can manifest itself in a multitude of beautiful ways and that love cannot be measured by the time or distance between seeing that something/someone you love.

We live forever in the wind speaking the secrets we shared, echoing the laughter that carried itself around the campuses. The footpaths and the halls where we laughed, cried, sang and danced shall forever carry our legacy.

The music never died and it will never never die.

We pass CTY onto the forthcoming generations - take care of our home. We give it to you and we share it with you.

Proud Australian (proud Savage) who will happily fly 23 hours to her home once again.

2012 - INDE B @ Stanford.
2013 - INBS A @ LOS S.
2014 - WRT3-B @ JHU S1.
2015 - COGPSYCH @ LAN S1.