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I like you. I love you. I CTY you.

Memories from CAR.06.02: -cow-tipping!! -Pallavi's color-blindness and confusion between green and -my Worst Intro Ever -SPY SQUIRRELS AND BADGERS! AH! -trying to be Shakira in 'Beautiful Liar' when she says 'HA! HA!' -"ama-freaking-zing" -being a fatass vegetarian -globalizing grass!! -secret handshakes with Emily, Pallavi, Prateek, Matt, Mike, Jon, et. al. -tie-dying bras! -CAMBRIA!! -Cthulhu <3 -Taku Appreciation Day -Casa Mani's gelato -Massey's arctic floats -HUB potatoes -Anita Tuvin Schlecter -Erica's Quad 9: Pallavi, Emily, Kumquat, Cristina, Helen, Veronica, Zoe, Lila, Julia, Maggie, Clara, Emma, Alex, and Elizabeth -the red chairs <3 -Erica's need to see eyeballs for check-in -Clifford Odets and his chocolate-covered herring!! -saying "SARCASM!" whenever Emily spoke -the new version of "Hey Juliet" -all of Ian's hall's jokes that rubbed off on me: NFB (National Fervor Bitch), dead kittens, the "hardcore" fist in palm gesture, etc... -mass castration = masstration! ~Jon -Prateek being unable to breathe because of the duct-tape that made up the NFB's uniform -Drag Day -Taku Water: The Taste of Water! =] -the amazing dances: Harry Potter, 80s, Hootenanny, Starry Night -Dan's amazing stories about being in the Peace Corps in Africa and butterflies and disarming a bomb and meeting Saddam Hussein (that last one turned out to be false!) -the Captain Planet theme song -Ian's CRAZY Medical History -Dan completely owning Matt on the issue of Global Warming -Prateek and Jon's song about India: cows, women, red roads, masstration -learning how to swing dance with guys that are shorter than you! -Kumquat converting me into a Mika fan! -Jamie's hottness -Goth Day -"The P.E.T. way is the BEST way!" -singing Potter Puppet Pals constantly -the FLOOD in uberquad -"I lost the game!" -the Pokemon theme song -discussing plans for a CTY boarding school with Kumquat -falling asleep while dancing -"What is China?!"-Dario -Prateek's terrorist-ish beard! -Sam's communism -the squirrels stealing our apples! -buying an HP book from the bookstore and having your mom send you one from home the next day. so now you have 2 copies... -"When I say 'C-T', you say 'Y'!"~Marshall -Pallavi cutting my bangs and being very stressed out about it -"Ironically, Iran..."~Dan -hard and soft "H"s for Greek -Benjamin Rush's sexy statue -"Explain Japan."~Lila -always losing the "You're it, no tag-backs!" game -First Friday: Casino Night - singing Bye Bye Bye on the kareoke -reading Harry Potter with Kumquat after lights-out in a British accent -Poetry Nights -learning to play Euchre -punny knee-slappers -funny gestures when we want to say "F***!" -Pie-ing Ian in the face on Big Sat -Emily thinking your soul used to be on the opposite side of your appendix -absolutely ridiculous picture of me that I was forced to untag from sheer embarassment -abby yelling at kumquat and me to shutup after lights out when Erica had her day off

...and many, many more...I'll add to the list as I remember. I miss you guys so freaking much!

POETRY NIGHT AND PASSIONFRUIT POEMS W/ EMILY AND PALLAVI: POETRY NIGHT POEM -BY Emily and Trisha It's our nevermore year at CTY And we really don't want to say goodbye. Just like our secret handshake Wonderful memories we're sure to take. Like listening to Dane Cook late in the night Watching Jon and Prateek have a piggyback fight. Our own special way to leave the quad And staring in disdain at the HUB's BBQed cob. Hilarious debates in InterpolB Stalking Taku because he's cool, you see. Listing the ridiculous vocab from the PolyB book Making stupid gestures when we wanna say "fook!" Partying it up at ATS Ordering in Chinese and making a mess. Half-way through the session, our friend Pallavi got sick, It really bit because Trisha couldn't borrow her chapstick. Constantinople, Timewarp, and American Pie Without the CTY canons, we'd surely die. Singing the Potter Puppet Pals' Mysterious Ticking Noise, Staying up late to eat and discuss boys. Dancing to Nightswimming while almost falling asleep We were just too exhausted to stay on our feet. After the dance, falling down on the stairs And instead of getting up, just lying right there. Sleepovers with the rest of the hall And listening to them speak in a Southern drawl. Punny knee-slappers are as fun as can be Laughing so hard, we soon have to pee...(cue Emily: "LIKE THE WIND!") Playing the totally awesome Emily-Trisha game No other CTY session could be the same. Trisha: Emily here has the weirdest hiccup Emily: And Trisha looks like my pediatrician, yup. E: Emily is tall and freckled and sort of a twat T: She never uses sarcasm...NOT! E:Trisha looks like a magician from a Scrubs episode. T: He did cool tricks and yelled "Ho ho!" Writing this late at night, we knew it would sound stupid the next day But that's okay! CTY, we love you! And the PASSIONFRUIT POEM - BY Pallavi, Emily, and Trisha In case you missed Wednesday's Poetry Night... It's our nevermore year at CTY And it's really sad for Emily and I Since we won't be coming back next year We've already shed more than one tear Together with our friend Pallavi We spent everyday at CTY happily Except when Pallavi had to go home for a week She was sick and we missed annoying her and pinching her cheek. Pallavi: But then I came back! And today I've got to pack. A CT scan couldn't keep me away Now I wish CTY could be everyday. Emily: The three of us had amazing memories together Trisha: The pictures we took and the T-shirts we signed will stay with us forever. P: The P.E.T. way is the best way E: Thinking of plans to steal a HUB tray. T: Squirrels and apples and model poses P: And stalking our TA, Taku, who looks like Moses. T: Then that one morning... E: So, you shaved! P: Unfortunately for someone, Trisha behaved. E: Trisha sounds like "Candy mountain, Charlie!" P: And often repeating the line "I love YOU, Harry!" T: Doing the really slow CTY walk that seems to bother Emily much P: Laughing at stupid faces, pointless stories, and such. E: Chinese food and ripping up grass T: Too fast these 3 weeks have passed. P: Disgusting veggie burgers and "Bye, Bye, Bye" E: Secret handshakes and bras that we tie-dye T: I never realized how difficult it is to sing American Pie P: While wanting to dance and hug each other and cry E: Erica's hall is ama-freaking-zing T: We married our InterpolB class and got a ring P: Listening to Dan, our teacher's stories is fun. E: And watching Trisha get irritated by the sun. T: We will seriously miss Carlisle, and that's the truth Everyone: We love CTY and we love the passionfruit.

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