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I am Verity. Yar.

Verity's Courses

  • GRK1.LAN.06.1
  • MIND.LAN.07.1
  • POLY.CAR.07.2
  • COGN.LAN.08.1
  • THEO.B.LAN.09.1 (with Pomm and Dimby! DIIIMMMMMBYYYYYYYYY)

Verity's Stuff

  • Jester 09.1
  • Criminologist 09.1
  • Beer Song Singer 08.1 and 09.1
  • Max's favoritest person ever <3
  • lovely and wonderful!

This are Veritycat. Here are Verity page. Okie doke.

Om nom. I love this girl and she is wonderful<3<3

--Max (who wrote most of this page)