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Just something you should know: being a two year tragedy sucks beyond belief. As I mentioned in my Passionfruit speech (which I was totally making up as I went along), you have just enough time to mostly learn most of the traditions and then you leave.

So yeah. Now you know that I'm a two year tragedy and my name is Vienna. I went to LAN.2 both years (it's the best), and would have double sessioned except my parents didn't want me to. In 2009 I took Paleobiology. In 2010 my classmate Liz and I took Astronomy together. The Pbio TA (call him Richard) decided that made us traitors, and challenged us to an Astro-Pbio Ultimate Frisbee tournament. The winning class would pick their seats on the bus for our field trip to the Smithsonian. Astro won 6-2, cause we're just awesome like that. Later in the session we played a prank on Pbio in which their room was invaded by binocular-weilding astronomers (THE ROMULANS ARE COMING!!!!!). It was fun :D

I was never anything special, as CTYers go. I never held any positions, never made it to the all-star Blammo game (but that was just me being a lazy stalker), only rarely sat in the Alcove, and I only learned to rave during my last year. Still, I got to know some awesome people, got married a few times, learned to rave (sort of), participated in AI whenever I could think of anything good (and sometimes when I couldn't), and generally had an amazing two years at CTY. LAN.2 is the best site and session EVER.

I like you I love you I CTY you all!

And by the way...YOU JUST LOST THE GAME!