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(picture of me) (I have no pictures other than drag day)

I removed my picture and name because I don't want this to be associated with a name.

Hello, this is . It will be my 5th year at Cty next year. I have been to: Chesterton, Stanford, and Carlisle 13.2, 14.1 and 14.2. In case you do not know me but have been around Carlisle those sessions, I'm that dude with the scraggly long hair. For drag day I wore a blue high- low dress 14.1 and a formalish dress 14.2.


Robotics (Chesterton) 2011 TA: female? I think? Instructor: male

Induction and deduction (Stanford) 2012 TA: Female Instructor: Female

Microeconomics (Carlisle) 2013 TA: Gabe Finkelstein Instructor: Jim Kelley (Brother of my RA 14.1, weird right?) Classmates: Brian, Scott, Greg, Sid, Me, Tiffany, Catherine, Jessica, 4 kids I forgot (2 girls 2 boys) 2 kids expelled

Game Theory (Carlisle) 2014.1 TA: Julie Messing (maybe miessing) Instructor: John Garder Classmates: Sarah, Manal, Drew, Shefali, Benjamin Specter, Jordan, Aman, David, Ameet, Rishabh, Calvin, Joheen, Neel,

Macroeconomics (Carlisle) 2014.2 TA: Holly Fierlein Instructor: Abraham Asfaw Classmates: TJ Li, Antoni, Vamsi, Llana, Vanessa, Jennifer, Lisa, Arjun, Andrew, Koran, Alex, Pranav, Jonothan, Owen, Me