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I miss CTY sm so I was just bored so I’m gonna make this page


first year ever and it was so fun, idk what i was expecting but it was sm better. made so many great friends and memories and just fell in love with the culture

class - lawp, members - abby, sasha, joan, elizabeth, patrick, max, josh, chris, lena

hall - lawrence’s eleven, ra - lawrence, members - chris, josh, carson, barton, patrick, max,


our hall calling ourselves lawrence’s eleven and spending way too much time and effort into coming up with ways to cheat on casino night

latenight horror movie marathons/iso’s with josh

being horrified by Barton putting on his night time contacts

Josh and i taking showers at 1 am

Miles, josh, and i running around the halls on the last night

Getting ramen by sneaking into our friends room on the last night

Miles and i ditching josh and him making up the excuse that he hurt his hand

Me trying my best into making josh and Sasha a couple and then not even kissing during the last dance

Getting married to 10+ people on casino night and getting so many rings

Lily being my first wife

Mock trial - Patrick dressing up, me roasting during the cross-x

Forgetting my lanyard sm that Lawrence got mad

Lawrence’s games that no one understood - bam boom boom (aka how many people did i kill), this is black

Sneaking in contraband from insomnia cookies and cvs

Miles josh and i being too tired to wake up for Passionfruit

Crying during the last breakfast since i thought my friends were gonna be too late

Yiny asking me if i was gay during the first time i met her

Carson and i spilling to each other during the night

Being the straight bestfriend

Hurting my wrist then having to use headband to help it

Josh making up a fake girlfriend (asian and blonde? Obvious fake)

Josh getting a concussion

Abby, Sasha, yiny, and kritika in general <3

Having no clue what was going on during the dances/traditions

Playing mafia and this random girl (kritika) is begging the mafia to kill her

Arya and i bonding over the hardships of Asian parents

This is so sad Alexa play American pie


Our teacher being able to speak Korean the entire time

That one night with the lightning storm

Getting the green paper mache mike wazoski

Opening the said mike wazoski head and finding it was full of sauce packets

Chucking the sauce packets and my friends in our hall

Playing human bowling in our hall with chairs

Taking boujee pics with Diana

Trying to get grace with kris

Abby calling me bean

It being insanely hot and humid, thunderstorms and pouring rain every night

Losing my phone for a solid day and having to walk thirty miles off campus with Lawrence to go get it

Listening to kod, scorpion, all the canon music obviously

Carson and i telling Sasha that Lebron was the GOAT and us doing the Lebron silencer thing


class - poly