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hey how's it going. Feel free to reach out to me if ya want any tips/advice! I love to talk to people about CTY!

Insta: @yauriehwang


FPHS Chemistry B with Mr. QUEEN! A true legend, can do 50+ pushups without breaking a sweat.

Classmates: Jason Zheng, Dorothy (Dot) Zhou, Jonathan Li, Jason Wilkins, Andy Sun, (?) oh jeez i forgot his name, Kevin Kwon, Ella Parker, and Skyler Bennett.

Ho(w)e Hall (third floor) with RA Erika.

Hallmates: Ella Parker, Skyler Bennett, Dorothy (Dot) Zhou, Ashley Jakubowicz, Katherine Tian, Marie Lee, Sophie Gu, Esther Shen, and Annie Bei.

Long live Kathie, Carine, and Maxissa.

proud #2 fan of emperor Ethan Lee,,,, sogh

EDIT: Emperor Ethan sogh Lee did not return to 18.2 :'((


CRYPTOLOGY with Noctor Demo and TA Leslie R. They were both o.k.

Hallmates: Katherine (Katie) Matthews*, Katelyn Donn*, Sophie Coe*, Alexandra (Sasha) Wald*, Carmen Boyan*, Linda, Michelle, Claire, Ashley

star = part of the cub cubs (cubicle cubs)

With the AMAZING RA MIM!!! She was actually the best RA (no shade at RA Josh). She and RA Nick were the cutest couple on campus #mick or #mimick forever.

Classmates: hallmates + the LEGENDARY KEVIN FENG THE GOD, Arden the most precious bb ever, Joe Kahn, Luke Westmark, Alex

Cryptology was actually kind of challenging because it's heavily math based and uhh math isn't my forte but!! It was still fine and class was fun!

lol i was also part of the nomore group that snuck into the boys dorm in Rounds 1 and attempted to go up Jonsson (which was a failure) and went up to the top of the Tang


Yaurie is hella cool -Hudson

I was reading through recent edits and found out you had the same RA as me last year except session two and you were hallmates with one of my CTY friends 😂😂 -Leah

(yes, Dot was that friend, I love her too. So much. Funny coincidence...)

Have an awesome day!