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Why, hello there. So, apparently I'm a Jester and I'm going to be a no-more and I love all of you and find me on facebook or aim or in real life. You, whoever you are, should music-share with me and reunionize and all that happy stuff however and whenever!


  • Was:
  • Data and Chance, Palo Alto, 07.02
  • Cognitive Psychology, Saratoga Springs, 08.02
  • Mathematical Logic, Lancaster, 09.01
  • Cryptology, Lancaster, 10.01
  • Will be:
  • Number Theory (perhaps), Lancaster, 11.1!

I don't want to erase any of this. My name's Joey. I'm down here, in the silly clothes. The Gentlemen.jpg

2011.1-Deena Alexander, Joey Fridman, Ajay Nadig, Sydney Speizman, Deb Bakshiyev, Rudy Garcia, and Alex Kohanski