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Hi people. I'm Danny. I don't have many nicknames, but most of them involving my Session one 2006 diabolo antics. I will answer to String Dude, Yo Yo Man, and Yo Yo Ma, although I really do prefer Danny. My first year at CTY was in 2006, and I went to both sessions. I'm a member of the Cult Of Godzilla, as are most of my session One friends. I was in the session one talent show, doing my diabolo. Yay me. It was green. Now I have a black one too, that's slightly heavier, and because of its odd axel that helps it spin longer, it can't do any tricks involving string climbing, which kinda sucks as 2 of my new tricks involved it. :(

Session One


Anyway. Session one, I took Etymologies, with Lizzy as my teacher and Rosie as my TA. Doug was my RA. These people all rock, thus making my first session awesome. I think his own hall were the only people to vote for him in the mandatory fun weekend activities. Doug is an awesome RA. If you have him, good for you! Try to avoid doing bad things, though, or you might end up writing someone a letter, such as one to the health office for missing your meds too much.(Whoops.) Ah, well, if you're writing one, you probably deserve it. I did.

Then we've got Lizzy. A great teacher. She teaches Latin and Etmyologies. Luckily, I got her first session, when she did Etymologies. If you bring food to class, she doesn't mind, but she will take some :) . Participate in Etmyologies, it's fun. You get to yell out examples of the prefixes, suffixes, and bases. Taylor, Raylay, myself, and Minerva all tried to think of, well, let's say interesting ones. (Probably spelled Raylay wrong. If anyone knows how to spell it, just fix it.)

"Alright, this one is 'ation'." "Decapitation!" "Defenestration!" And so on. Defenestrate coming from finestre, or window. And de. Meaning "to throw out of a window." Our circle of myself, Taylor, Raylay, Darcy, and Minerva got so obssessed with that word, Rosie put it on the Jeopardy review board.


Rosie was a pretty good TA. She needed to loosen up a bit about all things CTYI (A phrase we thought we invented, but someone beat us to it. CTY Inappropriate.) Meh. Still, she gave us all a few good laughs.

The Cult!

Finally, we get to the Cult, or Cult of Godzilla. I was inducted to the Cult after a chance meeting after a bad movie. The cult is made of many wonderful people. Check the site. The Cult!

My Hall

Then, we had my wonderful hall, with classes I might miss a few people here, and I don't know most of your last names, but oh well.

Rayleigh Lay: Best. Name. Ever. Rayleigh Lay. Probably spelled wrong, but you get the point. His names rhyme! One of my good friends from my hall. Part of the group of myself, Rayleigh, Minerva, Taylor, and kinda Darcy. Roommate of Taylor. Came to Carlisle from New York. Etymologies.

Taylor: Flew all the way up to Carlisle from Hawaii. Awesome guy. Countered his statements about his people hating whites for what our ancestors did by teasing him about being Hawaiian. All in good fun. Part of the group of myself Rayleigh, Minerva, Taylor, and kinda Darcy. Roommate of Rayleigh. Etymologies.

Paul Kim: Wow. Paul, Paul, Paul. Master of the dirty mind. Wears a cowboy hat at almost all times. Came to Carlisle from New York. Roommate of Edwin. Biomed.

Edwin: Didn't really get to know you that well, but Paul says you have an even dirtier mind that he does. Roommate of Paul. Came to Carlisle from Singapore.Biomed.

Taka: Another very fun name. Taka's a cool guy. Came to Carlisle from New Jersey.(I think.)Roommate of Dave. Biomed.

Dave: Dave isn't his real name, but he prefers it, and I don't remember the real one. Didn't know him that well. Dave didn't talk much. Roommate of Taka. Dunno where he's from. Biomed.

Anesh: I kept confusing him for Rohan. They're similar. Anyway, Anesh was cool. Biomed. Dunno where he's from. Roommate of either Rohan.

Rohan: I kept confusing him for Anesh. They're similar. To the point, Rohan put up with and joined in on our antics. Fun. Roommate of either Anesh.

Abishack: Kinda annoying. Kept kicking my diabolo mid-diaboling. Still sorry for something I'm not gonna go into specifics about. If you're reading this, Abishack, you know. Sorry... Anyway... Don't remember where from. Roommate of Steven. Biomed.

Steven: My godzilla, are you spoiled. But in a good way, because we all mooched off of his immense supply of food. Taylor broke his $80 bottle of cologne (What 12 year old needs $80 cologne?) in Taka's room, resulting in another letter for Taylor... Dunno where from. Roommate of Abishack. Biomed.

Alex: Really, really clean. Fun, but don't sit on his bed. Dunno where from. Biomed. Roommate to Adam.

Adam: Didn't know you too well. Dunno where from. Roommate to Alex. Biomed.

Logan: My roommate. Sorry man, but I disliked you. With great intensity. Annoyed me to great extents. I still tried to be a friend, and think I succeeded. If you're reading this, sorry man. From Maryland. Etymologies. Roommate of me.

David: Didn't know you too well. Dunno where from. Roommate to Max. Biomed.

Max: Didn't know you too well. From what I saw, a ladies man. Dunno where from. Roommate to David. Biomed.

Ah, what a fun hall.

Session 2

Wow, is this thing long. I'm not gonna list my second session hall, because I didn't know them too well. Most of the time I was hanging out with Sarah, Reggie, and their friends that became mine. Also, I don't really feel like it after typing about my first hall. I might put up the second session guys in my class at some point.

But I will list my close friends from my Session 2 hall: Martín: Hyper, but fun. I taught him some diabolo. Loved Thriller. Then, by some coincidence, he managed to be on my hall again '07, although in a different class this time. International Politics. *High pitched voice* "Thriiiillleeeeer!" Zach: Extremely nerdy and Republican. "We're here to learn, not dance!" Still pretty cool, though. International Politics.

I took International Politics 2nd Session. Didn't like Nick's teaching style much. He had a powerpoint lecture, almost everyday, for almost an hour and a half. Martín fell asleep a few times, and I almost did. We made fun of Nick for being from Nebraska.

Our TA, Philip, was nicknamed "Master P".

07, Sesh 2