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six year psycho + sad forevermore who misses her friends a whole lot rn

nyc day cty

14.2 (inductive and deductive reasoning) super cool, highly recommend

15.2 (something physiscs related) nothing special, still fun


16.2 (mathematical logic) incredible course, great teacher, a whole way of thinking that I'd never even thought of

17.1 (game theory) it was fine

18.1 (astrophysics) INSANELY fun, thanks to teacher lemke, ta andrew, and all my goofy ass classmates

19.1 (number theory) remarkably disappointing but became tolerable once we gave up on trying to learn anything and just dicked around all class

stupid memories

16.2 (scary)

Got the schnades

Witnessed way more making out than my 12 year old self had ever expected

17.1 (relatively insignificant)

Was in a class with notoriously douchey guys


Formed a circle and danced to Forever Young with kids I'd never met before in the farmer's market sign-up line. Very sweet moment, almost made up for the fact that High Holy Canons were even being played while people were still in line.

18.1 (best 3 weeks of my life)

Got caught doing illegal laundry :(

Had such a bad cold that i spent all my free time for a few days laying on the concrete directly in the sun. Got a lucky break when the nurse's thermometer wasn't working.

Spent study halls blasting rap music and looking up "I'm 13 and..." on yahoo answers w my friends

Won house cup

Turned Niko into a pulsar

Had my first kiss to the guitar solo in Stairway to Heaven with actual fireworks going off in the background. It was cute but grossly cliché.

Same guy called my arms hairy while we were cuddling and staring at the stars at the observatory lmao

Big Ben's Boys had a spinach eating contest

Dylan made poi out of skl bottles and christmas lights

Signed up for an activity called bad philosophy because I thought it was a joke, as did the other ~30 kids who signed up. The activity was led by the actual philosophy course teacher, who, as it turns out, was not informed that the activity was listed as bad philosophy, and just planned on giving a normal philosophy lecture. The teacher was also batshit crazy and cursed the students out several times, so we started messing w her. Julien went on a huge rant about pastafarianism and the flying spaghetti monster, and I'd accuse the teacher of being close-minded whenever she'd try to cut him off. We managed to piss her off so much that she straight walked out of her own activity. One of my greatest accomplishments.

19.1 (nevermore year)

basically just told off a bunch of shitty staff and missed out on a ton of super important stuff while sick in quarantine, and I still can't think about it without getting mad as fuck haha

made some great friends along the way though!


Hey if you're going to LAN 18.1 hmu -Hudson