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Hi cool kids! You may know me as Elizabeth, Ellie, or Liz (as Stro insisted on calling me). I’m a only 2-time CTYer, not by choice, and the rare Californian at Lancaster (west coast best coast). Owner of the avocado, math kid, and CEO of gifted kid burnout. She/her.

LAN.18.2.CODE.A Instructor: Stro TA: Zoom Zoom/Zarcus/Marcus RA: Annalise

Things from this year: Evie & Lauren, Tim, salt, Stewiey, the little ab, charp, perfect soft serve, terrible friendship bracelets, failed all nighters, tea WITHOUT milk and sugar, laziest RA ever, burnt easy mac, etc.

LAN.19.2.GAME.B Instructor: Dr. O (Darryl Orletsky) TA:god i can’t remember her name but she was a b*tch RA: I can’t remember her name either, wow I’m bad at this

Things from this year: Evie, Lauren, Audrey, Sally (best roommate), Sophia, Dr. O’s rants, bee raising, 1.2 million dollars, Titanic, getting a 6-way marriage, bad raving, the stuffed avocado without a name, the group crush on blondie (praying he never sees this), Tim’s vsco girl makeover, hydrate or diedrate, the gummy bears, sugar high, ISOs, the all nighter that almost worked, Bee Kind, Tony Stark glasses, the Bad Guy Tiktok dance, and so much more...

jan 2021 update: hey y’all, finally found the password to this profile. feeling super nostalgic since our nevermore year was officially canceled :(. i know these past two years would have meant the world, but i’m so lucky to have been part of the generation lost in space even just for a little while. who knows, maybe next year things will be back to normal, but i will have aged out of the program by then. if i could give any advice to 22.2 ctyers assuming you can go, it’s this: cherish your time. don’t be scared make friends in other classes/grades. if you’re a squirrel, be a squirrel child (thanks for adopting me, maia). i never got to be a squirrel parent, but you should if you’re a nomore. go to the dances, learn the traditions, try raving, go to the afterdance, go to starcrash, be in rhps, have an iso, go to passionfruit. you probably have 4 years at most left, and believe me, they’ll be gone before you know it. don’t waste it. oh, and don’t microwave mac and cheese without water—- everyone will hate you :). that’s all for now, i was just in my feels and wanted to vent. ps i found out i can ship skl to san francisco for $80. is it a waste of money? will i do it anyway? you’ll have to wait and see. i’ll be back in july/august to write a virtual passionfruit speech. bye until then, friends.

follow/add me! instagram, tiktok, snapchat: @egkushelevsky don’t hesitate to reach out!