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The red on "my talk" was getting annoying.

I like poking around on yourworldoftext. One day, I'll make a massive yourworkdoftext treasure hunt with clues that will lead you to pages with more clues and it will be wonderful. I haven't done that yet.

I kept a journal of 14.1 and 14.2 that came out to be 93 handwritten journal pages. One day, maybe, once enough time has passed, I might put it online. Perhaps anonymously; perhaps not. Probably by that time no one would care what I wrote. Following in the footsteps of Zoe Madonna doesn't sound too bad.

I made a CTY website after my squirrel year. I haven't updated it since then; my opinions have changed so, so much, especially regarding the Alcove. One day, hopefully, I'll go back to it.

I did a thing before 14.1 but didn't carry through with it. It might end up being a thing eventually, though.

Oh yes! I'm agender and use they/them/theirs pronouns. My username is a little outdated; it comes from squirrel year when I carried around a deck of cards with me everywhere I went and shuffled them. Oops, not anymore; I'm back to using she/her/hers pronouns mostly and identifying as a woman.

I'm part of SET. Once upon a time during 14.2, I was wearing a 2012 lanyard and saw my friend who was also wearing a 2012 lanyard and we realized that we had both been squirrels in 2013. From here, we figured out that we had both been at the SET Grand Ceremony in 2012. I knew that 2012 lanyard would be worth something! is my baby. I didn't create the site (though I'm fairly confident I know who did), but I spent the autumn after my squirrel year writing lengthy odes to vegetables. Most of them never got published, but some of the good ones are there, including a version of Forever Young about cauliflower. A funny digression: I wrote that the fractal dimension of cauliflower was 2.8 in October 2013. Almost exactly a year and a half later, I learned what a fractal dimension actually is (cauliflower was used as an example!) during research for an English paper, and understood it a week after my English paper was due during a Math Circle. I have a long history with the concept of fractal dimension-- but also with vegetables, those lovely things which helped me become friends with two people during CTY and have stuck with me since then.

I love narwhals, but only for the memories.

I never made a passionfruit speech of my own, but so far at least two people have quoted a passage of realCTY that I wrote about the Kiwi Backpack, and I suppose that's good enough for me. It makes me feel a little transcendent.

I'm mentioning it here: there was a kid I knew for my entire CTY experience who ended up attending ten sessions at Lancaster. Yes, ten -- and a few years of baby CTY in addition. I really hope that he makes a user page; he's an absurd kid. (but a pretty darn cool one, that budding aesthete) If you're a devoted enough CTYer to have somehow ended up on this page, particularly if you don't know me, you should reach out to me and also pester him.

I go to college now, at MIT. It's quite a time. If you're interested in MIT things or need something during Splash, hit me up!