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Thanks so much, and I'm sorry I had to be evil and tell you to stop. I was retyping information along with reformatting, and I didn't want to be confused about stuff you moved to talk pages.

It most certainly is, but I love making the wobsite (sic) look better. And I really appreciate the assistance, it's just the current update requires me to see the pages exactly as they are and then reformat accordingly. The redirects were my next step, and it's nice to have them; I just didn't want to be confused about which ones already existed.

Oh, and you seem to know something about what you're doing. This isn't just retribution for my own meanness, but can you tell me: (a) who you are in real life, and (b) whether or not you want to become a sysop? I need to take a look at your contribs, because sysoping is mostly based on formatting updates (specifically formatting bad content), and with the newer site, we're always short on admins.

Responding (in order)
  • (a) I attended Siena this you definitely wouldn't have seen me in real life. I don't really want to say my real name online (taking into account that, despite the small number of them, there have been spam users), so if that is preferred for a sysop, then I'm probably not your guy. I have a relatively large amount of experience with wikis, (with accounts on both Wikipedia and Uncyclopedia) and HTML and...that's probably about all that's relevant regarding me on RealCTY.
  • (b) Sure! Assisting with the site in a greater capacity would be something I'd love to do. Obviously some of the more sysop-y [sic] things like blocking bad accounts (seeing as there hasn't been a block in several months) don't need to be done as much here here than on larger sites, but if I can help with other stuff, I will.

Here are my contribs (if you haven't looked at them yet).

Try not to move things into talk pages if you can help it. A lot of the stuff in the personal comments is valuable information, and I will be integrating it into the article when I get the chance. Moving things to talk pages just gives me more pages eventually to dissect.


I don't think Pirate Day necessitates its own page just because it only seems to have happened for a single year, but I'm not entirely sure.

Also, don't worry too much about stub-labeling, because eventually I'll move all the stubs to the Lexicon.

The overhaul was supposed to do the same thing to every single page on the site. Don't worry about making more templates; I'm working on getting some stuff installed into the MediaWiki foundation of the site to make it work better.

I update sporadically. This can be interpreted as "rarely" because of all the other work I have.


I sysop'd you yesterday, I think. If you'll notice, I've also created templates throughout the site, and I've redone all the pages that aren't (a) a site article; (b) a Hall of Fame; or (c) a Hall of Shame. Take a look!

Post-Session Rush

Hey there.

Glad to know there are admins who will be here for the post-session rush. If you have time, look over the site for quality control. Also, just to prevent editing meltdowns, try not to do any page-merge type changes (i.e., ignore the "projects" of fixing the Hall of F/Shame and the Site/places articles for now).


Also, don't unprotect pages. They all have particular reasons for protection that I probably didn't write into the logs. :D

--Max W. 14:26, 18 July 2008 (PDT)

Thanks for the advice; just got back from Siena session 1. Also, thanks for the sysopification ... I'm pretty familiar with the tools already from Wikipedia, so hopefully I won't break anything ... :) --15:14, 18 July 2008 (PDT)