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Let me respond item by item:

You need to figure out how to get editors from multiple points of view on LAN pages

It is not my job (nor my intent, nor even a desirable result) for me to recruit contemporary students to edit RealCTY. RealCTY's purpose is to merely provide a centralized location for documenting (and referencing) institutional memory. It's up to today's "institution" (by which I mean here the students, not the organization) to decide how they want to use that resource. For my part, I will offer it and will continue to do so as long as possible.

to keep them as NPOV as possible, specifically The Alcove's page. There was literally a whole section from 2010 that was all unobjective POV, and I feel that nobody actually ever gets a legitimate understanding of either side other than "They hurt my feelz and made session slightly worse for me, let me bitch about it on facebook now and make everyone nervous about the next session." (This was a legit thing that happened in 2014.1, ask R. Stanton or anyone else involved in that drama.)

RealCTY aims (according to me, at least) to use encyclopedic language, not to be an encyclopedia. Again, RealCTY is basically a manifestation of institutional knowledge and memory. It can't have a neutral point of view, because "institutional knowledge" is fundamentally non-neutral, at least in some places. Events can be documented with some degree of neutrality (but will usually still have the very limited PoVs of those involved), but the value of a tradition, e.g., is relevant to RealCTY but definitely not neutral—nor should it be.

I think my POV is fairly obvious, and thus I can't edit objectively (hence my unserious edits, sometimes you have to add some vomit to the shit before articles get noticed and cleaned up dude, sorry.) This is going to be my last edit on this wiki in this account, if you wanted to trace my IP to figure out who I was you could, this is mostly just sockpuppetry to motivate you to get your recruitment of younger and different perspectives on bro.

Or, you could clean things up yourself? You see some spilled soup on the floor that nobody has cleaned up—you mix in some wet garbage just so it smells worse for whoever ends up stepping up for the common good to clean it up? There are already enough people who only like to point out problems but don't have the effort to spare to be part of the solution. If you really want the ends you claim you want, put in the work. I don't really believe you do, though. I think you're a slightly oversized child throwing a tantrum. But, hey, prove me wrong if you're up for it.

FWIW, Wikipedia's "Be Bold" suggestion refers to the above. It means "Be Bold" about furthering the goals of Wikipedia, not "Be Bold" about piling on when you see something you don't like.

For now, your edits will be reverted, you will be banned for some nominal span of time, and in the end, you will not have swayed the audience you need to sway in order to effect change: namely, the contemporary CTY community. Some people believe there is a place for the sort of "destructive protest" (destructive, not disruptive) you are engaging in. I don't think there is ever a productive place for it in the world. On RealCTY—and I would hope, at CTY itself—there is no place for it at all.

RealCTY perpetuates the stupid shit that happens at CTY on occasion due to it being viewed as slightly authoritative, and you should take responsibility more.

RealCTY is designed to be a tool, and the people who use it to ill ends should take responsibility for their actions. As the tool's steward, it is not my place to do so. Yes, RealCTY makes it easier to perpetuate bad things. It even makes it easier for CTY staff with purportedly good intents to nonetheless act against the best interest of the students. But it also makes it easier to perpetuate, honor, and remember the great things about CTY, as well as to make sure that the great ideas of the past aren't lost.

If you want things to change, don't blame the steward of a tool that produces a side effect of social inertia. Instead, find what you think is the problem and try to change it. If people are making each other upset, go find someone and have a civil conversation with them.

Or, if you just want to moan, I think you may have mistyped "Reddit" into your URL bar. I know it's only a few letters off from "RealCTY", but we came first.