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From RealCTY, where a shrug never follows a shrotum.


This is your CTY website. It's yours. A quick intro:

  • Use the RealCTY:Community Portal to see what's new on the site.
  • Find and advertise reunions, and plan with friends for next session.
  • Play in the Sandbox.
  • 72633455064916235913983 (This was the original content of Prune me, move me, change me, share me. It does not appear to hold meaning.)
  • Read this open letter to the CTY community.
  • Maybe if we write Center for Talented Youth on the Main Page, Google will notice us in a search of said words!

Before you start editing, read this page first. Then read this page.

Please do not vandalize the wiki—many people have worked hard on the success of this site. Deformattings, mass deletions, targeted obscenity, and spamming will result in bannage.

If you like this site, please advertise it to CTYers you know, or to potential CTYers (that you potentially know!). The more, the merrier!



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Check the Essays page to post what you think.

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