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CTY offers a wide range of courses. The following list has been compiled from the course descriptions listed in CTY's Summer Programs Catalog:

CTY Courses

Humanities Courses

Writing Courses

Math Courses

Computer Science Courses

Science Courses

Defunct Courses

Not every course lasts forever. If the course you took long ago is not listed above, it might have undergone a name change, or it might have been phased out. Here are some of the courses that are no longer offered:

CTY CAA Courses

These courses are part of CTY's lower-level program, called Academic Exploration courses. These courses are mostly intro level courses and require lower scores to get into than CTY Intensive Studies.

Humanities Courses

Writing Courses

Mathematics Courses

Science and Engineering Courses

Computer Science

CTY Princeton Courses


The Civic Leadership Institute course is offered at Johns Hopkins (session 1) and Berkeley (session 2).


This is the CTY program offered at Hong Kong University which is a combination of Intensive Studies and Academic Explorations.

Mathematics and Computer Science Courses

Science Courses

Humanities Courses

Writing Courses