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A distinct Session 2 Carlisle tradition, My Immortal was introduced to CTY in 11.2 when nomore (by Carlislian terms; he was aging out that year) Campbell Nilsen brought it with him and would often gather his friends and read it aloud, mainly during breaks in Game Theory. In the 12.2 session, Ari Carr, Mark Gee, and Simon Wentworth led the informal readings' evolution into a mealtime tradition. While it initially started as a reading between these friends, people gradually joined and it soon became a session-wide tradition. The tradition consists of sitting in a circle in Dickinson's HUB after meals and taking turns reading terrible fan-fiction. The token literature is My Immortal, a Harry-Potter fan-fiction which is rumored to be the Starcrash of literature (if you can even call it that). Participants take turns reading, a turn ends either when a paragraph is completed, or the reader laughs from the sheer hilarity of the works. Since many of the works have contained CTYI content, readers must censor themselves. Most notably, they replace the f word by saying "fruit" instead. Beginning in 14.2, RAs required that the works also be censored themselves because there were too many reader slip-ups. The most common method for this is white-out. The rule of thumb is "if you feel the need to ask, you should probably censor it."

While it is pure tradition to read My Immortal first, the reading session also includes other "notable" works of literary merit. Included in this list is:

  1. Half Life: Full Life Consequences
  2. Harry Potter Becomes a Communist
  3. Excerpts from "Ask Alice"
  4. A Google-Translated Plot of Starcrash
  5. Others which are at the leisure of the current session campers

Court Jester

The Court Jester is a position that was founded with Mark Gee in 13.2. but only declared official in 15.2 with Icarus Tyree. The Court Jester is the administrator of the readings, starting off each session and censoring what has not yet been censored. The bedazzled jester hat and My Immortal binder are passed down with the position.

  • 13.2 - Mark Gee
  • 14.2 - Diana Zlotea
  • 15.2 - Icarus Tyree
  • 16.2 - Luke McKay
  • 17.2 - Cody Murphy
  • 18.2 - Sage Eanet (when Emily Eichenholtz could not return)
  • 19.2 - Livi Quiroga
  • 20.2 - Daniel Spear