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Here are other people's CTY websites. Prune these, sort these, organize these, add to these, enjoy these. It should be noted that the majority of these sites are no longer operational, but that this list nonetheless holds some historical significance.

Official Pages

Created by Staff

Created by Students


Angelfire Websites

Instagram Accounts


  • [2] Place for... You guessed it... CTY crushes! (It's a bit inactive but there's a huge archive- more fun for alumni, perhaps?)
  • [3] A cool blog with lots of PCTYD triggers :,)
  • Nerdier Than Thou: CTYers on Tumblr A group blog run by students from multiple sites

Tripod Websites

Wikis and Forums

  • Carlisle 2018 Discussion Board - For Carlisle CTYers to talk, ask questions, share advice, or anything else.
  • The CTY Alumni page- Includes the Official CTY address book, CTY web pages and pages by CTYers, and info on joining the Alumni association.
  • [4] A CTY site especially for Carlisle people cuz we're so cool!
  • Post-CTY Depression Replaced 2006's CTY Members-. Offers message board, chat, and, before CTY each summer, a way to collect names and classes for CTY, to create a beforehand list of who's in what classes, when, and where. PCTYD also publishes a magazine, Forevermore, every few months. For when PCTYD is down, the temprorary site is: PCTYtemp (note that this link no longer works either, it just displays the message "All IF/ZB forums were migrated to Tapatalk. To restore your forum, please send your board URL to support@tapatalk.com to request for a late migration")
  • CTY Therapy - The most prominent livejournal community for CTYers
  • OTID and CTY Page-A page by Matthew Belmonte, a CTY student in 1982 and 1983, and a staff member from 1987 to 1997. A good mailing list, and a bit about changes in CTY.
  • Irish Centre of Talented Youth -It is a CTYI page! Wow! It is the only one I've found, even if it is somewhat official and such.
  • Alcove in Exile -Message site for the the Alcove, a Lancaster CTY group
  • CTYI Wiki Another CTYI site! This one is very similar to RealCTY, except, well, Irish!!
  • Livejournal Passionfruit Community