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Hi, I’m Matthew Maung, Your Jackflash of session 19.1 Lancaster.

About me

I was a squirrel 18.1 but I learned how to rave 3 years prior. My friend Alex Chen (a 16.1 nevermore) taught me after he learned to spin at Lancaster (big shout-out to him since I owe most of anything I knew about cty to him). You can probably find me on the quad, in the alcove, raving. If you have any questions or need help learning something, come say hi!

Squirrel Family:

Dad: Hudson Jakuboibitch (idk how to spell his last name so we goin with this)

Mom: Zoe Winston

Sister: Kristy Trojak

Social Media:

FB: [Mention your site, session, name and that you're a ctyer so i don't have the immediate urge to block you :)]

Instagram: machu.maung

Ask me Anything

Post a question here and I’ll answer it:

Is 7 beat a real thing? -yes

Can you do 69 beat? -Daddy -I can beat you while we do 69 if that works

Can you spin 69 poi at the same time? -no but I can spin 42

Courses and Session

18.1 Chemistry B


Hmu if you wanna squeeeeze my balls.

miss u matt! we gotta get some ppl together and meet up in nyc

I miss u my dude. We need to meet up again <3 ~ Lindsey

can I be in the rave circle????? - deegle

We all know what happened under the rave table MATT