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Quick Links for Newcomers

RealCTY should be fairly user-friendly, so just go out and explore our CTY community.

User Info


See RealCTY:Administrators for more info on this site's admins.

User Warnings

Warnings issued to users and IPs, as well as the reasons for the warnings, will be listed here and on the user's page (if the user has a page). Too many warnings may result in bannage.

  • User is warned for offensive commenting on the Hall of Shame page and the Starcrash page, and making no other constructive contributions.
  • User is warned for offensive material on the Only at CTY page; the CTY community does not, in any large part, idly discuss any form of sexual activity with any form of dead animal babies.
  • User (and User:Nixxi) is warned for offensive commenting on the Main Page.
  • User has been warned for offensive commenting on the Lancaster page.

Banned Users

These is the reasons why assorted users have been banned (porn-spammers are not included).

  • User has been banned for continuous disruptions in the form of replacing text with "Squeegle" or "doughnuts."
  • User KLee0891 has been banned for inappropriate and apparently false defamatory comments. Sammka doesn't like censorship in general, but is all too aware that seriously defamatory material can lead to lawsuits. We don't want that, m'kay?
  • User SML5076 has been banned for offensive, derogatory, and apparently racist content.