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This page is about RealCTY's administrators, ie the people who have sysop rights, which allow you to do anything on RealCTY, including deleting pages, banning users, and [insert CTY inside joke here]. Only bureaucrat level admins, however, can change the user rights of other people.


Admin Guidelines

Admins with sysop privileges essentially have the power to delete pages and ban users. Admins are not expected to devote exorbitant amounts of time to the site. However, they will hopefully perform site cleanup when they have the chance, particularly with regard to style and page format. Here are some basic guidelines; see Help:Editing for comprehensive formatting policies.

  • Delete unnecessary redirects (e.g., "Egyptian rat Screw" or "Egyptian Rat Stew" or "Eflipcork batface"). Keep useful redirects (e.g., "Egyptian Rat Screw" or "Egyptian rat screw). Before deletion, check the "What links here" subpage, and manually alter any existing links to the deleted page.
  • If a page is poorly named (e.g., bad spelling, bad titling), move it to a new title, and then delete the old page, except in the cases where redirect pages would be useful (e.g., acronym used instead of full name). Again, check the "What links here" page and manually alter links.
  • If pages are uncategorized, place them in all applicable categories. Make sure that categories are listed at the bottom and that userpages, talk pages, and the like are not categorized.
  • Use quotes or italics for titles as necessary.
  • Use wiki-link markup for article titles.
  • Use wiki tags instead of HTML tags.
  • If stubs are created, either:
    • move them into the Lexicon; or
    • merge them with the proper page, or merge several stubs into a single page.
  • If articles too narrow in scope are created, move them to the Memories or Hall pages, whichever is more appropriate.
    • If HoF or HoS entries are too narrow in scope, do the same.
  • Check the RealCTY:Policy page for general guidelines on banning users.
  • Alphabetize the Lexicon and other appropriate lists.

As far as banning users and IPs is concerned:

  • If an IP (oftentimes two IPs) vandalizes a page by placing porn or drug advertisements in great quantity (often invisible in the article), these IPs should be banned infinitely.
  • If a user commits a violation of terms listed in RealCTY:Policy, feel free to instate a temporary ban; depending on the harshness of the violation (e.g., deformatting a page being a much greater crime than insulting a specific user), an infinite ban may be carried out immediately.

Requests for Adminship

If you're a good, trusted contributor and you want sysop rights, you can leave your username, real name, and connection to CTY on User talk:Memoriesonfilm. We're always looking for new admins, so please apply! The application process is also very simple and painless: you do the above, and I either (1) make you a sysop and tell you, or (2) don't make you a sysop and tell you. Some talking to me will probably be involved.