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About Me

Hi! I’m one of the people trying to bring as much tradition as possible back to Lan 22.1(and Lan 23.1!)! I love meeting new people so if you see me don’t be afraid to come over and say hi!
I'm the Lan 23.1 Jack Flash as well as possibly the blammo god! If during session you want to ask about tradition, raving, or just want a friend, you can find me in the alcove or out raving in the quad! You can also find me occasionally on Server 42 :)

I like you, I love you, I CTY you<33

Adopted by Caitlin Fox

Irl sister to Daniella Tsang


San Rafael 19.1- Girls intro to robotics
Lan 20.1-cancelled :(
Lan 22.1- Logic: Principles of reasoning
Lan 23.1- Cognitive Psychology


Hi! This is me Love Taping you. ~ Juliana

Also dropping in with some tape. I've never had the privilege of going over to Lancaster, but I'm rooting for you from JHU. Look out for me on the discord and maybe say hi to me first. I'm a bit of a coward when it comes to talking to people. -Switch
Switch tape.png

HI DINA! I am continually in awe of everything you did for us 23.1. So here's some virtual Love Tape. SO LONG AND THANKS FOR ALL THE FISH! -Harper