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Hi! I was supposed to attend LAN 20.1 to take Cognitive Psychology but unfortunately, the current pandemic made that unfeasible. I could have gone to session in 2019 but I opted to go on vacation with my parents and as fun as that was, part of me wishes I hadn’t done it. My brother, Nathan Burke (LAN 18.1 Jester), convinced me to go to CTY this year and even though I haven’t been to session in person, I can tell it was a good decision. I am not a very good conversationalist but I do enjoy talking to people so feel free to start a conversation with me.

I love you all very much. Please go to bed if you are reading this at a time when you know you should be sleeping.

Squirrel parent: Lauren Schwartz and Dani Tsang <3


LAN 20.1 - (I was supposed to take) Cognitive Psychology
CTY Online 20.1 - Intro to Forensics


hey kiddo! you're one of the sweetest people i've ever met. i'm so sorry your squirrel year got h*cked by 'rona, but i'm sure you're gonna have two more amazing ones! i am so honored and proud to be your squirrel mom and i love you very much.
Planetary lt.png - your squirrel mom, now and forever

hallo luv!! ik i don't know you very well, but your vibes yday night were immaculate. it was fun giving you baking advice in discord, and i hope we can become closer. i like you, i love you, i cty you :) Sunflowertape.png - caroline :)

ur pretty entertaining on discord and a smart person so keep it up/ be an advanced squirrel next year ~love tape~ - User:Camohat

hi!! so glad that we got to know each other during online session! u r so sweet and i cant wait to get to know you better <3 User:Caitlin Fox

Blossom.jpg seattle gang ily Juliana live it up at session for me <3 -dani

hey!! i'm so glad i got to meet you during session! i hope you have an amazing year at 21.1! - chris GalaxyDuctTape.png

It was so great to meet you during online session! Ur gonna kill it 21.1, happy love tape day!!! - User:Friendly KGB officer