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Hi! I'm Juliana. I probably either threw a frisbee with you or raved with you at some point. I lost my other years of CTY to Covid, but I learned about tradition through my brother and the lovely LAN forevermores I met in the 2020 makeshift online session and am now your 22.1 Jester. Sometimes I'm bad at keeping in touch so please feel free to just message me on Instagram and start a conversation! <3

Squirrel parents: Lauren Schwartz and Dani Tsang <3 Squirrel child: Julianna Dail and Arai


hey kiddo! you're one of the sweetest people i've ever met. i'm so sorry your squirrel year got h*cked by 'rona, but i'm sure you're gonna have two more amazing ones! i am so honored and proud to be your squirrel mom and i love you very much.
Planetary lt.png - your squirrel mom, now and forever

hallo luv!! ik i don't know you very well, but your vibes yday night were immaculate. it was fun giving you baking advice in discord, and i hope we can become closer. i like you, i love you, i cty you :) Sunflowertape.png - caroline :)

ur pretty entertaining on discord and a smart person so keep it up/ be an advanced squirrel next year ~love tape~ - User:Camohat

hi!! so glad that we got to know each other during online session! u r so sweet and i cant wait to get to know you better <3 User:Caitlin Fox

Blossom.jpg seattle gang ily Juliana live it up at session for me <3 -dani

hey!! i'm so glad i got to meet you during session! i hope you have an amazing year at 21.1! - chris GalaxyDuctTape.png

It was so great to meet you during online session! Ur gonna kill it 21.1, happy love tape day!!! - User:Friendly KGB officer

Hey Juliana! You probably know me because I've been floating around the discord for the past 3 years and am one of the few people who supports JHU. Anyways, I don't know you too well, but I do know it's being a pleasure. Congrats again on being Jester and feel free to reach out. My DMs are always open discord and my CTY instagram. – Switch Switch tape.png