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About Me

Hi, I'm Isabella or Bella. Idk what to put here but hey, I'm Tseela's squirrel child. I went to the Lancaster site for 4 years, 16.1, 17.1, 18.1, 19.1. I was your son for 19.1, so hmu if you ever need someone to talk to! Lancaster is such a special site to me, and I met some of my best friends here, as well as my boyfriend of two years. What a time, but it's the end of an era, and I'm glad to have closure.

I like you, I love you, I CTY you. I love CTY and I love the passionfruit.


Lancaster 16.1: Latin 1

Lancaster 17.1: Intro to Biomedical Sciences

Lancaster 18.1: Neuroscience

Lancaster 19.1: Logic: Principles of Reasoning


Bella is a living legend and a sweet smol bean - Connie Pan

The sweetest smollest soffest eg - HumorBoi

what. an Absolute babe. The Purest. Jesus. Love you! - security blanket

I actually love you so much and you are too amazing for this world. -strippyboi

Wow what a bean. Too pure for this world. Must protec at all costs ~ your fellow longislander

I love you so much, you're the greatest thing to happen to basically everyone you interact with, and I'm so lucky to be one of those people ~ ecksdeelmfao

hey mom! (dad? son dad? son mom? parental unit?) i love you so so much! let's hang out soon because i hecking miss you! you're so sweet and i love you more than anything - your other fellow longislander/son kid