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Heyo, I'm Sophia, and I was your Holy Ghost and Shots at LAN 19.1. I hope in my time there I managed to make your session even a little brighter (even if I was only ever in the back at rave circles lmao). Notably enough, the Trinty grails became squirrels my nomore year, so I guess that's pretty cool ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

CTY has meant the world to me since before I even came my first year, and I think it's going to carry with me forever. Even though I don't have any time left to start again and live another year at CTY, to anyone reading this, enjoy it as much as you can while you can- make friends, make a family, make a home. I hope it means as much to you as it does to me :)

i like you, i love you, i cty you <3

Squirrel Kids: Allison Mak, Anna Heath, Charlie Frankel, Chris Butulis, Deirdre Cuniffe, Kristy Trojak, Michelle Qiu


LAN 17.1 - Utopias & Dystopias

LAN 18.1 - Advanced Fiction

LAN 19.1 - Neuroscience


17.1 - Rebecca's Hall in Weis

18.1 - Emma's Hall in South Ben

19.1 - Annaliese's Hall in South Ben

Passionfruit Speech

Here I pour SKL in honor of those who couldn’t be here, those who left too soon for us to properly say goodbye, or those who were unable to return. This goes out to anyone who should be here or maybe wishes they were, but can’t. This session was a roller coaster so in case we never met, I’m Sophia and I was the Holy Ghost for this session, which basically put me in charge of organizing and managing lots of events, such as this one right here, alongside some of the loveliest people you’ll ever meet: Immy and Bella, the other two thirds of trinity. I won’t say it was easy or that it wasn’t a lot of pressure, but I think I found just the person to handle it. She’s probably one of the biggest sweethearts I know and she’s so genuinely kind and she cares for this camp so much- I trust her and I know I’m leaving this bad boy in good hands. Ava- come up here- I love you so much.

I have another thing to pass down: shots. I’d like to call up my son and favorite watermelon overlord, Chris. Careful when you come up here; they’re extremely breakable- don’t be me and break one within the first five minutes of getting it.

When I first came to CTY in 17.1, I was already knew quite a few of the traditions and positions. My best friends had both gone to 16.2 the previous summer- I know, ew, second session, we don't associate with them (just kidding, Ceci I love you)- and they hadn't stopped talking about it for the entire school year. They told me about raving, canon, and so much else, and one day after wanting nothing more than to better understand this world they told me of, I went home and read pretty much the entirety of RealCTY. And I think that's where my obsession with this place began.

17.1 came around and I finally understood. I was in love. I was that one obnoxious squirrel who'd go up near the front during the dances and awkwardly admire the position holders because dang to me they were the coolest cool kids on the block. Now I know that isn't true in any way, but it took a while to set in.

I came back 18.1, obviously, and it was proof that my love of CTY was for a greater reason than the novelty of it. I met so many great people, became a watermelon overlord, converted to squirrelism, and participated in my first rave circle. The bruises were totally worth it.

19.1 was amazing, too. A bit terrifying seeing as it was my last session, but amazing nonetheless. I met some of the best people I know, adopted seven kids- Chris, Kristy, Deej, Charlie, Anna, Michelle, and Allison, and had some of the most amazing hall and classmates- we had pumba the flying pig, and daily Tiktok lessons with Niko and Ricardo, and it was honestly such a party- I love all of you. Not to say that I don’t love my other halls and classes- Leah, you’re an icon. Anyways, now it’s time to say goodbye.

You know that line in "Anna Sun, " This house is falling apart. It really does feel that way, doesn't it? Because CTY is our house, our home, and we're leaving, and who knows whether CTY as we know it will fall apart after we're gone? How many traditions, how many moments, memories, dances, friendships have come and gone before we even stepped foot here? I guess the point is that time erases and fades everything even the slightest bit, and that's okay. Anna Sun creates this beautifully wrecked and nostalgic image, but that doesn't have to be how we see CTY in the coming years. It can be simply beautiful, and we can let the wreck remain in our hearts as we try to fight the PCTYD that'll hit when first session comes around next year, and we aren't here. But we'll be forevermores, this place forever more a part of us.

We’re the generation lost in space and every year of nomores is. We grew up here in this place that’s more like home than where we’re from. And I guess it’s time to move out. Gather up our jackets and move into the exits. With every dance, a little piece of me was found and little was lost in fear that all this would end so abruptly because we don’t have time to start again. So we have to be quick with our love for CTY, compress it into a mere three weeks a year and hope it holds strong in the hearts of those we meet because they’re as much CTY as Lancaster is. Just to name a few, Ceci, Sam, Grace, Immy, Bella, Lindsey, Naomi, Sylvie, Julien, Matt, Paige, Jessica, Connie- you all mean the world to me and you are my home. We might not have quad time anymore or American Pie circles at dances, but we have so much more. We have a family, and everyone I’ve met here is part of it.

In 17.1, I took TOPI, otherwise known as Utopias and Dystopias and we determined that Utopias can't really exist because while one thing might be perfect for one person, another might hate it. However, I would like to argue that, within its bounds, CTY is the closest thing to a utopia that I think I and many of us will ever find, and I think that it's for that reason that it's so hard to leave. Some may disagree, but never has a place been as much of a home and had as beautiful a home in my heart as CTY does. It’s the closest to heaven that I'll ever be. Thank you so much for the three most amazing summers of my life. I like you, I love you, I CTY you. I love CTY, and I love the Passionfruit.


Oh my gosh, you finally made a page!! Also, I love you so so much and can’t wait to adopt more squirrel children with you. ❤️ -strippyboi

I love you so much Ebony Darkness Raven Dementia Way, so glad that you finally made a page 😍 - gaylord

You're gonna do amazing and a reminder that I honestly meant it when I said text me if you need anything dude. I've got your back (but also please never harm the grail).

Sophia, you were a great Holy Ghost and an even better classmate! LAN is going to feel empty without you next year...:( - person whose soccer ball got stolen

MOM!!! i love you so flipping much please come to philly and give me a hug. grá go deo❤️❤️❤️ - Deegle💞

i love you so much!! thank you for showing me how great a session at cty can be!! best spook ever like capser friendlyness levels - leah

i love you so much soppy and i miss u visit me sometime <3 - michelle