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Leah Fridman

~I am pretty insignificant but I still made a page~

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lil sister of nerd face older fridman supreme (hope he doesn't get mad at me when he sees this)

OyVey I formatted this weird,I made it at like 2am on a PCTYD kick so here goes nothing.

if a person randomly offered you healthy snacks in a very momesque fashion it was probably me

CTY Years

Bristol 16.1 Heroes and Villains (Baby CTY)

{Oh MyGosh was I an insuferable person. I sincerely apologize if I was a butthead to you guys.}

Easton 17.1 UNAG (Baby CTY)

{I actually learned something but still would not have wanted to know me back then.}

Lancaster 18.1 Logic A, Emma's Hall, KIRBY SquirrelSquirrelSquirrelSquirrelSquirrel

{Came to LAN because my brother went and he became Jester so I thought I would give it a try at LAN. Was a very squirrely squirrel. But in a very intermittent fashion because I basically memorized realcty information but did absolutely nothing with it.I did not go to a single AI (sincerely regretted it) but I tried my best and realized that I could in fact socialize with people and be myself at LAN. Big thanks to Sophia Ribiero I love you with my whole heart.}

Lancaster 19.1 Cog Psych, Aysiah's Hall, NOODLE POODLE FOR LIFE

{I started to turn into a real person but still had some growing up to do. Figured out that I had to pave my own way and live my own life. Be yourself kids cause no one else will. Danced my heart out and went to AI and realized that everyone feels squirrely sometimes. This was the year of the Squirrels so I adopted a huge amount of my hall and like I said NOODLE POODLES FOR LIFE. Basically became the designated mom friend cause I always had the healthy but still for some reason good snacks. Went to Passionfruit for the first time which really gave me some perspective. GO TO PASSIONFRUIT!!! Went home crying and ready to live my best CTY life the following year}

Lancaster 20.1 Philosophy** (CORONA SAYS WHAT?)

{Didn't get to go back home for my 21 day visit to heaven. Joined the CTY discord and did some more growing up. Realized that I was now a onemore and for some reason that makes me feel very old. I love this place with all of my heart and I love all of you. I hope the tour never does end. It feels weird to not be at home right now but I will push through.}


Love Tape

happy love tape day! hope you're having a nice day! - kingtastic/Alan

hi leah!! happy love tape day <3 User:Caitlin Fox

hey!! happy love tape day!!!
Sunflowertape.png - lauren schwartz :)

Have some love tape! It was truly great being in ur class <3 - User:Friendly KGB officer

happy late love tape day!! - ari markov