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About Me

Hi folks if you don't know me I'm Suzanna and I actually returned to a site finally which was super chill. I'm a pretty cringy person and was most likely spotted eating food (most likely dessert) and watching some talented youth spin the raves. I was the son for 18.1 and I’m so glad I got to spend my last session at LAN with my friends from 17.1 and my new friends from this session. I like you, I love you, I CTY you. I love CTY and I love the passionfruit. (Just thought I should add this because I totally messed that up at passionfruit yikes)

Courses & Sites


  • Rachel's hall (Rachel's pride) Floor 6
  • Nnenna's hall (also an honorary member of Kendall's hall)
  • Anthonia's hall, North Ben
  • Molly’s hall, South Ben


  • The fridge works???
  • Wheelchair drag racing on the soccer field was /a time/ thx SUN for not owning crutches (@arthi)
  • I probably watched more Disney movies with Kendall's hall 16.1 than in my entire childhood
  • I think that Canada is real much to some disbelief
  • Lancasterian (?) I can't spell btw
  • Seattlite and proud of it. No I don't own an umbrella
  • Rick and Morty :))
  • (former) site hopper but I'm staying at Lancaster, which Nathan Burke convinced me to come to
  • *whipdabs*


It's CanadIa, Canada isn't real. You are the best ILY- Your Drunk Ass Aunt
With great power come great memeability -Your Friendly Neighborhood Memerman

Hi! I saw that you said you were an honorary member of Kendall's hall at Bristol... she was an RA on the 5th floor at Seattle in 2017! I KNOW someone! Finally! (I went there last year. She was awesome.) Anyway, I hope you had a great time with her and her hall :) - Anouk