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Gammage Auditorium
Site Information
CollegeArizona State University
LocationTempe, Arizona
Years of Operation1984-1987, 2003-2005
Avg. Number of Students200
Courses Offered
HumanitiesGreat Cases: American Legal History | Philosophy | Bioethics | Foundations of Psychology | Politics of Place | Etymologies
WritingWhodunit? Mystery and Suspense in Literature and Film | Approaches to Drama | Writing the Expository Essay
MathMathematical Modeling | Algebra and its Applications | Geometry and its Applications | Discrete Math
ScienceBiotechnology | Medical Sciences: Pharmacology and Toxicology | Chemistry in Society | Principles of Engineering Design | Introduction to Astronomy
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Tempe was a CTY site in 1985, but then changed over to a CAA site in 2003 and was located at Arizona State University. Since Closing, Arizona State University now has a Gifted program of its own called the Arizona State University Center for Academic Precocity.